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Bob Warden
                      President of QLog CorpHello, my name is Bob Warden, and I’m the president of QLog Corp. That’s me in the photo with my Southwest Windpower Whisper 200 wind turbine. I’ve been the proud owner of the Whisper 200 for a few years, but I’ve been disappointed with its low wind energy output. I’d see the blades spinning fairly fast without any power output from the wind turbine’s charge controller. I decided to find a way to capture that unharnessed energy.

Our solution for increased energy output is the Wind Miser. The Wind Miser gets more power out of the wind you have, which is the next best thing to more wind. The Wind Miser increases your wind turbine’s energy output using a high efficiency AC to DC converter and a low wind voltage booster that is matched to the wind turbine’s power curve. This results in increased power output at wind speeds both above, and below the original cut in wind speed, which is the speed below which no power would be produced without the Wind Miser.

The Wind Miser also greatly reduces or eliminates the occurrence of the Whisper turbine’s blade flutter in high winds, which creates a loud sound similar to a tractor trailer’s engine brake.  This was a pleasant surprise, and was an unexpected result from the Wind Miser’s design.  We believe that the Wind Miser’s continuous loading of the wind turbine over the entire alternator waveform, instead of the loading and unloading of the turbine which occurs as the alternator output waveform moves above and below the battery voltage, eliminates a cogging type of mechanical excitation to the turbine blades, thus reducing or eliminating the blade flutter and it’s annoying sound.

Considering all you have invested in your wind turbine, tower, power equipment, wire, and installation, the price of the Wind Miser, with its extra generated energy, easy installation, our thirty day return guarantee, and our one year warranty, makes your Wind Miser purchase a no brainer. I am very happy with my Wind Miser, and you will be very happy with yours. I guarantee it.

Thank you for checking out the Wind Miser, the next best thing to more wind. You can have more power than you think. More energy, more often. I look forward to making you one of our happy customers, and to improving your energy independence. Get your own Wind Miser, and smile when you see that green charging LED lighting more often.


J. Robert Warden
President, QLog Corp.

The Wind
                          Miser Whisper circuit board


We can’t promise how much more energy the Wind Miser will extract from your wind turbine due to variations in wind profiles, only that it will generate more energy than you do now. We have received reports of increased monthly energy output ranging between fifty and a hundred percent, although we can’t promise that your installation will see similar results.  We can offer you this guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your Wind Miser and the additional wind turbine energy it generates, you may return the Wind Miser, in its original condition, within thirty days of purchase, for a full refund of the purchase price, less the shipping charges. We will also warrant the Wind Miser against manufacturing defects for one year after purchase, and we will either repair or replace a defective unit within the warranty period.


We currently offer seven Wind Miser models, which optimize the Wind Miser circuitry for each turbine’s power curve and operating battery voltage.

WM-W148, for Whisper 100 at 48 volts: $390
WM-W136, for Whisper 100 at 36 volts: $390
WM-W124, for Whisper 100 at 24 volts: $390
WM-W248, for Whisper 200 at 48 volts: $390
WM-W236, for Whisper 200 at 36 volts: $390
WM-W224, for Whisper 200 at 24 volts: $390
WM-W548, for Whisper 500 at 48 volts: $390

At this time, we do not support any Whisper turbine operating at 12 volts, or the Whisper 500 when operating at 24 or 36 volts.

Distributor pricing is available, and we are actively seeking interested dealers!

We will consider adding additional Wind Miser models to our line as we become aware of other wind turbines, which have three phase AC power outputs of three kilowatts or less. Please contact us if you have a wind turbine that you would like us to support.


Please call 513-874-1211.  We accept VISA, Master Card, and Discover.


The Wind
                      Miser Whisper installation pictureThe Wind Miser WM-WXXX models consist of a circuit board that simply and quickly mounts inside the existing Whisper charge controller. The Wind Miser mounts to the controller using four screws without any controller modifications, and uses three wires that connect to the charge controller’s three wind turbine wire lugs. All necessary wire and hardware are included. The Wind Miser works with the original, unmodified Whisper charge controller circuits, and does not affect any controller functions. The Whisper charge controller’s displays and charging LED will fully indicate your Wind Miser’s increased energy output. The Wind Miser is powered directly by the wind turbine, not by the battery pack, so there is no standby power drain from your batteries.


The Wind Miser uses a MOSFET based AC to DC converter to rectify the turbine’s three phase AC voltage to DC voltage. The MOSFETs eliminate nearly all of the two volts of voltage drop caused by the Whisper charge controller’s diode rectifier. My Whisper 200 at 48 volts provides about 25 amps of full power charging current. That two volt diode drop with 25 amps of current results in 50 watts of power wasted as heat. That same current flowing through the Wind Miser loses less than two watts as heat. The extra 48 watts of power is then used for battery charging instead of heating your house. At lower battery voltages, the output currents increase. The Whisper 200 at 24 volts will output around 50 full power amps. 50 amps times the two volt diode drop results in 100 watts wasted as heat. That same current flowing through the Wind Miser loses less than three watts, for about a 97 watt increase in charging power! Look at your wind turbine’s output current in amps on the Whisper charge controller display at any time, multiply that by two volts, and that is the power in watts that you are wasting by not having a Wind Miser.

Since the Wind Miser recovers two volts of wind turbine output, it begins charging the battery at lower wind speeds. The reduction in cut in wind speed increases as the operating battery voltage decreases from 48 volts down to 36, and 24 volts, since the two volts recovered becomes an increasingly higher percentage of the wind turbine’s output voltage, ranging from over four percent at 48 volts to over eight percent at 24 volts.

The Wind Miser’s MOSFET AC to DC converter, with its increased power output and improved low wind performance, works very well, but it is only half of the solution. The wind turbine has poor low wind performance because it must output a voltage that is higher than the battery voltage plus the charge controller’s voltage drop, before battery charging can occur. When the turbine’s output voltage falls below that minimum level at low wind speeds, no power output occurs. The MOSFET AC to DC converter lowers that minimum required output voltage by eliminating nearly the entire voltage drop of the charge controller, which is a good start.

However, to get really good low wind performance, the turbine voltage must be boosted from the unusable low wind voltage up to the battery voltage. The Wind Miser extracts less power at the lowest wind speeds, and increases the power extracted as the power in the wind increases in proportion to the turbine’s power curve. This maximizes the low wind power extracted without stalling the wind turbine. The Wind Miser will provide battery charging power starting at around one watt at the minimum effective turbine speed of about two revolutions per second. The power output will increase from there to about 30 watts, 50 watts, and 75 watts, for the Whisper 100, 200, and 500 respectively, when operating at the original cut in wind speed. As the wind speed increases above the original cut in wind speed, the voltage boost electronics continue to increase power output, and improves the power factor loading of the wind turbine’s alternator.  It is this operation of the voltage booster that reduces or eliminates the turbine blade flutter at high wind.

Less energy is available in low wind than high wind, but there are usually more occasions with low wind than there is with high wind. This can result in a significant increase in monthly energy output using the Wind Miser. Consider a simplified example with a Whisper 200 at 48 volts, operating with a constant wind just below the cut in wind speed of seven miles per hour that persists every hour of every day for a month. Without the Wind Miser you wouldn’t generate any power. With the Wind Miser, you would generate about 36 kilowatt hours for the month, which is 50 watts times 24 hours per day times 30 days.

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