Electronic Solutions that Deliver Results

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QLog Corp.(formerly Warden Tronics, Inc.), founded in June 1982, and headquartered in Hamilton, Ohio, provides a wide range of services including research, development and the production of electronic test equipment, systems and subsystems for the industrial, scientific, and defense markets. Because we focus on the implementation of advanced technologies and employ innovative methods during systems design, our objective of lowering cost and increasing reliability, while meeting performance goals, has become a philosophy and a way of life at QLog. A key to our approach in attaining performance, cost, and "on time" delivery objectives was the development of a strategy that assures our customers successful programs.

By integrating the right technology, digital, analog, microprocessors, digital signal processing, computers, and instrumentation with high performance engineering, you are assured of Electronic Solutions that Deliver Results.

Understanding that a great number of applications are largely dependent upon high performance software, QLog developed a Real Time pre-emptive, multitasking Operating System (RTOS) which permits high system performance on smaller, low cost microprocessor based systems. RTOS allows our designs to use a less complex device to its maximum potential, rather than under utilizing a more complex and expensive processor. Some of the benefits gained by RTOS include:

Shorter software development time
Re-usable software modules, and
Joint work by a number of engineers on the same project, more independently and with less interference.
The re-usable software modules further reduce development test time, include instant documentation and reduce the number of software bugs. RTOS is an operating system based on memory structures, allowing it to be easily ported to other microprocessors, independent of their structure or size. It also supports the allocation of multiple processors to a list of tasks through common shared memory.
QLog's Computer Aided Design capability, in all phases of a development effort (schematic, programmable logic device design, printed circuit board layout, and mechanical design) allows for the re-use of proven designs. The capability of utilizing mature designs increases productivity and reliability while lowering cost. The use of programmable logic devices (PLD's), in the majority of our designs, instead of discrete components, results in high circuit density, high speed and low power while offering maximum design flexibility. The PLD's often permit a double sided printed circuit board design in lieu of a multilayer scheme. The resultant effect is reduced fabrication time, higher board yield, greater reliability, and lower cost.

QLog additionally has the capabilities of fabricating small to large quantities of electronic assemblies using our three automated surface mount part placement machines, a convection SMT oven, and a wave solder machine. Surface mount components are placed on printed circuit boards using a machine which automatically picks and places the components. This automation significantly reduces the chance of error in placing the wrong components in the wrong locations which reduces time in troubleshooting and lowers the cost per board.

The high degree of computer aided support, full service real time operating system, and re-usable hardware and software module designs results in a flexible, quick reaction capability.

In summary, QLog is built upon the experience of its personnel who come from a wide range of government and industrial backgrounds. This combination of diverse, individual talents provides a unique blend of capabilities in a wide variety of electronic services.

QLog Corp. 33 Standen Drive, Hamilton, Ohio 45015 PH: (513) 874-1211 FAX: (513) 874-1903