Electronic Solutions that Deliver Results

An ISO-9001 Certified Company


QLog Corp. was founded to provide quality electronic services in a cost effective manner to the industrial and defense markets. The following describes the Company's concepts and strategies.

Conceptually, QLog Corp. makes available to you, our customer, a fully staffed and equipped engineering department and a manufacturing facility on a per project or per hour basis.

The Company will take a rough concept, through all facets of system design, documentation, circuit design, software design, printed circuit and packaging design, and functional testing into small to medium volumes of production with ISO9001 quality. These services would be marketed separately or in combination, as required.

The Company is organized to permit a Quick Reaction Capability when required, and as your needs demand.

Our services are provided in a cost effective, practical manner in a relatively short period of time by using Computer Aided Design, reusable module design, and productivity enhancing equipment, allowing for expedited reaction time.

The Company's marketing strategy emphasizes the importance of repeat business and word of mouth recommendations. The Company has never failed to deliver a project, even when it would have been economic to do so.

Each additional customer, from a broad base of different industries and applications, broadens the Company's technical experience in an interdisciplinary manner which would be difficult to duplicate with an engineering department working within a single company. This results in powerful problem solving capabilities.

The old fashioned ideas of honesty, character, ethics, and respect are important at QLog.

The Company offers these services to our customers, while at the same time provides a quality work environment for our employees, with a superior benefit package including bonus plans and profit sharing. This facilitates a creative environment and good employee morale, with incentives to provide quality service.

QLog Corp. 33 Standen Drive, Hamilton, Ohio 45015 PH: (513) 874-1211 FAX: (513) 874-1903