Electronic Solutions that Deliver Results

An ISO-9001 Certified Company


Software Engineering

Personal Computer Software
Microprocessor Software
Digital Signal Processing
Software Documentation
Assembly & High Level Language
Fast Real Time Software
Software Quality Assurance

Hardware Engineering

Analog, Linear, & Digital
8/16/32 Bit Micro Designs
DSP, RISC, & PC Design
Design to Specification
Needs Assessment
Inter Computer Communications
Cost Engineering
FPGA Design


Portable Test Equipment
Quality Control Systems
Dedicated Test Fixtures
New Product Development
Automatic Test Stands
Data Acquisition Systems
Security Systems

Enclosure & Mechanical Design

CAD/CAM Design
Sheet Metal Design
Design for Manufacturability Review
DXF & IGES Format Support
Product Design and Specification
Molded Plastic Form Design
OEM Modifications
Preproduction Prototypes

Printed Circuit Board Layout

Custom Printed Circuit Board Layout - 1 to 30 Layers
Through Hole and Surface Mount Layouts
Through Hole To Surface Mount Technology Product Conversion

Surface Mount & Through Hole Circuit Board Assembly

CFC Free Convection Reflow Soldering
Quad QSX-1 with QuadAlign (places 7,000 components/hour)
Quad IV-C with VU3 and VU4/6 Vision (places 3,400 components/hour)
Fine Pitch Rework
Solder Screen Design
Wave Soldering
CFC Free Cleaning
Conformal Coating/Potting

Environmental Testing

Temperature Cycle Testing
Infant Mortality Screening/Burn In
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